Bells Installed by BAMS at St Patricks Cathedral

Bells Installed by BAMS at St Patricks Cathedral

Check out our gallery for all the shots of BAMS doing works at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta.

Here BAMS are installing new structures to support the install of eight giant bells within the bell tower of this heritage listed cathedral.

We are incredibly proud to be part of this project and milepost for the church.

After a lot of heavy lifting, long hours and hard efforts by the BAMS Team, the steel structure has been completed at the St Patrick’s Cathedral.

As we installed the first bell that weighed 500kg, we are super excited to be part of St Patrick’s Cathedrals history

Thank you to the Diocese of Parramatta, BAMS staff, suppliers and contractors involved in the St Patrick’s Cathedral bell tower project!

It was a great experience to be part of marking another stage in the history of the Cathedral. We are looking forward to future projects bringing new challenges and learnings.