BAMS Hygiene Management

Sydney’s #1 Hygiene Management Specialists
  • Accredited by the University of Wollongong College in COVID-19 Infection Control
  • Specialising in COVID-19 deep cleans, preventative sanitisation and contract cleaning
  • Using GECA approved chemicals that are food friendly, eco-friendly, pet friendly and non-corrosive
  • Supporting Commercial, Government, Corporate and Public clients
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    Why BAMS?

    BAMS Hygiene Management is a team of professional Hygiene Specialists with strike teams of Hygiene Technicians ready to deploy and service the needs of the community protecting against the COVID – 19 outbreaks.“We are working in conjunction with longstanding and highly recognised industry leaders we are creating better solutions against COVID-19 spreading “– Brian Zammitt (CEO). 

    BAMS Hygiene Management offers 3 tiers of services Green Clean, Amber Preventative, Red Terminal Decontamination.We strongly believe that “Prevention is better than Cure” and therefore pioneered new standards for Hygiene for areas of public and business to safeguard against loss of staff and productivity. We are working around the clock with experts in the health industry as well as continuing specialised training keeping up to date and ensuring our teams are fully trained and appropriately equipped together with GECA Approved Eco-friendly chemicals, allowing us to cater for the multiple need of our clients.


    BAMS Hygiene Management is committed to building a better future through development, Innovation & Sustainability. We achieve a 99.98% state of decontamination through our full program eliminating virus traces detected by appointed third party laboratories. BAMS Hygiene Management can provide a tailored solution specific to the client’s circumstances. We are experienced in: Risk assessment, Site establishment, Quality control, Certification

    BAMS specialises in Sterilisation, Decontamination, Fogging, Testing and Certification. We extend our services to combat COVID -19 Terminal Decontamination, Decarbonisation of medical equipment, Infection control ofall indoor and outdoor areas, correct classification and disposal of waste generated, Restoration of trauma scenes to a safe and hygienic condition, Chemical Neutralization and Detoxification/removing unwanted components or particles using chemical contaminants.











    Red Terminal Decontamination

    • Hazmat Rapid Response Strike Team
    • Full Decontamination
    • Certified Hazardous Waste Removal
    • Independent Laboratory Testing

    Amber Preventative Sanitisation

    • Hospital grade disinfectant and chemicals which leave a microfilm on surfaces for up to 30 days post sanitisation
    • Increased Frequency Touch Points Sanitisation
    • Fogging with powerful disinfectant that will kill bacteria and viruses

    Green Clean

    • Sanitisation
    • Contract Hygiene Management
    • Scheduled Maintenance Programme
    Client Testimonial for Amber Preventative Sanitisation

    "I found the staff at BAMS Hygiene Management a pleasure to deal with. From beginning to end, the entire process was very prompt and professional and the end result was exceptional" - Inloop

    Client Testimonial for Red Terminal Decontamination

    “I was very impressed with the rapid response service and efficiency BAMS delivered during the decontamination process. We added the additional laboratory swab testing service for reassurance that the premises were COVID-19 free. The results came back positive and were able to return back to work without any issues. Thank you to the team at BAMS for your support during this stressful time!” -Anonymous

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    Company Key Differences

    All staff undergo extensive ongoing training ensuring they are upskilled to identify and manage potential risks that may arise

    5-Point Policy
    1. Certified Personnel

    Ensuring all personnel are trained and certified appropriately for the line of duty they have been engaged to conduct.

    Quality Controlled

    Strike Teams assigned to projects are supervised by Hygiene Specialists to provide project specific risk assessments, technical support, and advanced supervision

    2. Site Assessment

    Appropriate analysis of the site to identify: 1. The nature of business premises 2. The extent of decontamination 3. Chemical sanitisation required

    Independent Alliances

    BAMS Hygiene Management have alliances with independent industry leaders to offer support and assurances before, during and post projects

    3. Decontamination & Sanitisation Procedures

    Establish a safe work method to put in action ensuring that all contaminated or affected areas have been identified and sanitised using appropriate chemicals and in accordance with updated standards by the relevant health organisations.


    Building & Maintenance Services Pty Ltd is celebrating over 30 years of operations servicing the construction and building industry. We have long standing operating policies, procedures and networks combined with diverse employee backgrounds and experience

    4. Quality Control & Onsite Testing

    Swab test to be conducted by a professional hygiene specialist or a microbiologist if requested by client.


    We continuously seek new solutions to improve procedures, equipment, materials, and productivity to ensure we are carrying out our works efficiently while upholding best practices in health, safety and the environment. We welcome new ideas brought to the table and strive to set the future benchmark for the industry

    5. Reporting & Certification

    Certificate of completion to be provided confirming decontamination cleansing has been carried out.