Hygiene Management – Services

5-Point Policy

Certified Personnel

All personnel are trained and certified. Our employees are the first to complete the  Infection Control & Decontamination training course specific to COVID-19 delivered by the University of Wollongong College

Site Assessment

Appropriate analysis of the site to identify; the nature of business premises, the extent of decontamination and chemical sanitisation required

Decontamination Procedure & Chemical Sanitisation

Establish a safe work method ensuring that all contaminated areas have been identified and sanitised using appropriate chemicals and in accordance with updated standards by the relevant health organisations

Quality Control & Onsite Testing

External swab testing on touchpoints by an independent microbiologist/laboratory to confirm the premises are COVID-19 free and safe to return

Reporting & Certification

Certificate of completion to be provided confirming decontamination cleansing has been carried out

Red Terminal Decontamination

  • Hazmat Rapid Response Strike Team
  • Full Decontamination
  • Certified Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Independent Laboratory Testing

Amber Preventative Sanitisation

  • Hospital grade disinfectant and chemicals which leave a microfilm on surfaces for up to 30 days post sanitisation
  • Increased Frequency Touch Points Sanitisation
  • Fogging with powerful disinfectant that will kill bacteria and viruses

Green Clean

  • Sanitisation
  • Contract Hygiene Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programme
What we Specialise in

BAMS Hygiene Management is committed to building a better future through development, Innovation & Sustainability. We achieve a 99.9% decontamination eliminating virus traces detected by appointed third party laboratories. BAMS Hygiene Management can provide a tailored solution specific to the client’s circumstances. We are experienced in: Risk assessment, Site establishment, Quality control, Certification

BAMS specialises in Sterilisation, Decontamination, Fogging, Testing and Certification. We extend our services to combat COVID -19 Terminal Decontamination, Decarbonisation of medical equipment, Infection control ofall indoor and outdoor areas, correct classification and disposal of waste generated, Restoration of trauma scenes to a safe and hygienic condition, Chemical Neutralization and Detoxification/removing unwanted components or particles using chemical contaminants.

Additional Services

External Party Quality Swab Testing – Certified Microbiologist to undergo swab testing

Truck, Bus and Other Vehicle Sanitisation – Specialising in the repair, maintenance and decontamination of vehicles