Finding The Best Shop Fitters in Australia

There are lots of shop fitters around in Australia, but not all of them are created equally. There’s a lot more to designing and creating the ultimate shop fit out than meets the eye – your business depends upon the impact your shop makes on customers and you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

The entire appearance of your shop is the first thing which gives an impression of your business and your products to customers – it is how your customers perceive the business inside and outside.

The majority of people won’t need to use the services of a shop fitter on a regular basis, so how do you go about finding the best company for the job?

Here are a few things you need to watch out for.


Choose a shop fitting service which has a good portfolio – you can learn a lot about a company from their previous work. It may even give you inspiration and ideas about how you want your own shop to look if you spot something which would fit in well with your needs. All good companies will have a portfolio for you to look through. Why not go one step further and visit the stores they have designed and fitted out.


You will need to build and maintain a good working relationship with your chosen shop fitters which mean excellent communication at both ends. If you find it difficult to reach the shop fitter whilst the project is ongoing it could lead to costly changes further down the line. Try to make it as clear as possible what you want from your shop fitting – some shop fitters are very good at their jobs but they are still not mind readers. Be realistic about your expectations and give good, clear instructions as much as you possibly can to avoid disappointment.


You need a shop fitter who will be happy and able to explain things to you every step of the way. You might have knowledge about running a business but very little about the ins and outs of designing and fitting out a shop – no matter what type of shop you may have. Speak to the shop fitter about each of the individual processes they must go through from the start of your project through to the finish.


Don’t be tempted to choose a shop fitting service on price alone – many companies provide a cheaper price for a reason. If somebody offers a very cheap price just take the time out to stop and wonder why they are so much cheaper than everybody else. The chances are that they either don’t have the necessary skills and accreditations to do the job properly or that they will use goods and equipment of an inferior quality – neither of which bodes well for your business. Even if they look to do a good job in the beginning, the chances are that it will not last very long.

Choose a shop fitter which has the necessary accreditations to prove that there work is approved by the industry and they have safety as a top priority. This can give you peace of mind when your store is ready to open.

Good quality shop fitters will be able to demonstrate their skills on both the interior and the exterior of your shop and make sure that any systems they install are in good working order before they put them in. You should also be provided with some sort of guarantee to say that all equipment is in working order to cover you against any faults.

It doesn’t matter what type of shop you have or what kind of product you sell – you, don’t under estimate the many advantages a good shop fit out will give you.

Shoppers like to shop in premises which are clean, bright and welcoming. These are the shops which get the most customers – the shops they visit and the shops in which they spend more of their hard earned cash. That’s the way it works and the way for your business to bloom and grow . . . whether it’s a flower shop or something different entirely.

Professional shop fitters will be able to advise you on the best way you can display your products which does differ depending on the type of things you sell. High end clothes shops for example need to be spacious and modern, your stock must not be too cluttered – you need lots of space for displaying outfits giving your customers the idea that they are entering somewhere luxurious, particularly if you want them to pay designer clothes prices. Nobody will pay top dollar for any clothes from a cluttered store which resembles a jumble sale.

This type of shop will also need to have spacious changing rooms with lots of mirrors, seating areas and more.

Grocery shops on the other hand need lots of shelf space to display a large variety and number of products. It is important for them to provide a good range of different products but equally important that their customers can clearly see all of the products they have on offer. It’s also important to have clear aisles with plenty of room for shopping carts and baskets.

Chemist shops and pharmacies need to have a very clean and clinical appearance. They also need lots of shelving and areas in which to display a wide number of products.

The design of a coffee shop can make or break the business. Customers need to have somewhere comfortable where they can sit and chat while drinking delicious hot coffee and eating snacks and cakes. The coffee machine is incredibly important as well as chilled cabinets where there fresh produce can be shown to tempt the customers to purchase more than they may have initially intended.

The best shop fitters in Australia will be able to advise you on all of the above and much, much more. There’s so much to think about when you design your shop and it really can make the world of difference.