How to Pick the Right Shopfitting Product?

A good shopfitting product must serve its purpose of functionality in the store for a long time. Simply put, it is an investment to help your business grow. So, even though some of the products are expensive, finding the right one will help tell the customers what your store is all about. This is especially true if your shop need to exhibit a certain feel. Say, you want to give your coffee shop a quaint design or you need a minimalistic approach to your bookstore. The only way to achieve this goal is to pick the right shop fit out.

When buying a shopfitting item, some think of cutting costs while retaining the functionality of the item. Sometimes, the creativity aspect is compromised. Other times, it’s the functionality that gets sacrificed. Is there a way to save all three aspects? Of course. By making better decisions in picking products, a right balance of functionality, design, and cost-effectiveness can be attained. The following are examples of questions you might want to ask yourself when buying a shopfitting product.

Does it catch your attention?

The purpose of spending time and effort to buy the right shop fit out is to change the customer behavior inside your store. If the item doesn’t get your attention for the first time, it’s high likely that it won’t catch the eye of your potential customers as well. A good shopfitting product must stand out. Imagine it with your merchandise, does it look good? Will the customer be engaged to take a picture of your display to share it with their friends?

Does it match the overall theme of the store?

Some products may have been eye catching when you see it among the others. However, another perspective we should consider is whether it will match the overall theme. If you chose a minimalistic approach for your interior, a simple multi-shelf display that will blend in can be a good choice. If it’s a retail shop with a vintage design, then reclaimed shopfitting products can be preferred over modern designs. What important is that it can complement the interior design of the store.

Is it going to take much of space?

It is no longer difficult to find shopfitting supplies that meet customised needs and preferences. When picking the right one, take the time to consider whether it will take much of space inside the store. Shelves is preferred, in some cases, instead of using bulky furniture pieces. Some ideas also include recessed shelves that prevent constricted appearance of the store while maximising the walls. Other shops use modular shelves to utilize its flexibility in space and adjustable shelves for variety in height. Have you seen using thin pipes being used for displaying stocks? Industrial materials may sound not ideal but through proper designing, it can create an amazing contrast. However, if taking much space can not be prevented. There are other solutions like the next step.

Have you considered maximising the walls?

Apart from using accessory wall items such as peg boards, hooks, and multi-compartment shelves, green walls has been a recent trend in fitting out a store. From the name itself, ‘green’ walls refers to the entire wall that is decorated with plants. It adds a natural color to the place, plus it improves the air circulation in the area. This means an improvement in the health and well-being of the employees and visitors. It is considered as very efficient when it comes to functionality and aesthetics. While adorning the walls with a mirror makes the room look more spacious and larger.

Is the current lighting system sufficient?

One of the most essential shopfitting supplies is the lighting. It does a lot of things in the store such as providing focus on prized products, creating an illusion of space, and removing the bleakness in the surroundings. There are many options to choose from such as halogen, LED, fluorescent – some can be recessed, vanity, floor, or hanging. Expensive products go perfectly well with a chandelier. Cozy places do well with a stunning table or floor lamp. Another consideration would be having a well-placed window to allow the natural light coming in. Also, glass shelves and glass tables contribute in a well-lighted environment. The glass allows the light to bounce off in the area.

Can it last for a long time?

A shop fit out is a long term investment of the business. Even though it’s initially expensive, it must serve to cut costs in the long run by being durable enough. So, in picking the right shopfitting product, this is one of the factors you need to consider. What are the materials used in producing the product? Can it withstand long term daily use and exposure to different kinds of condition? For instance, there are types of woods that can last for around 25 years but this depends on many factors like weathering.

What did the expert shopfitter say?

The best thing to do when buying a product is ask the experts about it. More often than not, you can find staffs that will listen to your needs and recommend the best shop fit out supply that will meet what they need and want. It is better to further discuss what you are trying to achieve in your business and never hesitate to ask them things. Clarify how the suggested product can benefit your store. How well can it fit the area? Will it be within the scope of budget?

Reading all these tips, may give an impression that picking a shopfitting product is tedious. It is probably true, but let us look at it on a more positive light. The overall impression of your business boils down to how your physical store looks like. Having the right shopfitting products will surely add value to your brand in improving the customer experience. To ensure a long lasting product fit out, then why not opt to partner with an shopfitter to assist you in decision-making processes.