How are we Different?

How are we Different?


All staff undergo extensive ongoing training ensuring they are upskilled to identify and manage potential risks that may arise.

Quality Controlled

Strike Teams assigned to projects are supervised by Hygiene Specialists to provide project specific risk assessments, technical support and advanced supervision.

Independent Alliances

Alliances with independent industry leaders to offer support and assurances before, during and post projects.


Building & Maintenance Services Pty Ltd is celebrating over 30 years of operations servicing the construction and building industry. We have long standing operating policies, procedures and networks


We continuously seek new solutions to improve procedures, equipment, materials and productivity to ensure we are carrying out our works efficiently while upholding best practices in health, safety and the environment.


5-Point Policy

Standard Operating Procedures have been created to form the BAMS Hygiene Management 5-Point Policy ensuring a high level of service to guarantee the best possible result.

Certified Personnel

All personnel are trained and certified. Our employees are the first to complete the Infection Control & Decontamination training course specific to COVID-19 delivered by the University of Wollongong College.

Site Assessment

Appropriate analysis of the site to identify the nature of business premises, the extent of decontamination, and chemical sanitisation required.

Decontamination Procedure & Chemical Sanitisation

Establish a safe work method to put in action ensuring that all contaminated or affected areas have been identified and sanitised using appropriate chemicals and in accordance with updated standards by the relevant health organisation.

Quality Control & Onsite Testing

Swab testing to be conducted by a microbiologist if requested by client.

Reporting & Certification

Certificate of completion to be provided confirming decontamination cleansing has been carried out.



Departmental Buildings, Infrastructure, Universities, Schools, Public Transport


Hospitals, Assisted Living, Medical Centres


Offices, Retail, Hotels, Clubs, Factories, Showrooms, Convention Centres


Pre-Schools, Childcare, Libraries, Sporting and Amenities Facilities


Heavy Vehicles, Light Commercial, Buses, Delivery Vehicles

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