Hygiene Management Services

5-Point Policy

Certified Personnel

All personnel are trained and certified. Our employees are the first to complete the Infection Control & Decontamination training course specific to COVID-19 delivered by the University of Wollongong College.

Site Assessment

Appropriate analysis of the site to identify the nature of business premises, the extent of decontamination and chemical sanitisation required.

Decontamination Procedure & Chemical Sanitisation

Establish a safe work method ensuring that all contaminated areas have been identified and sanitised using appropriate chemicals and in accordance with updated standards by the relevant health organisations.

Quality Control & Onsite Testing

Swab testing to be conducted by a microbiologist if requested by client.

Reporting & Certification

Certificate of completion to be provided confirming decontamination cleansing has been carried out.

Services Green Clean Amber Preventative Sanitisation Red Terminal Decontamination
Contraction Hygiene Management (optional)
Schedule Maintenance Programme (optional)
Increased Frequency Sanitisation
Higher PPE Requirements
Hazmat Rapid Response Strike Team
Full Decontamination
Certified Hazardous Waste Removal
Independent Laboratory Testing

Red Terminal Decontamination

  • Hazmat Rapid Response Strike Team
  • Full Decontamination
  • Certified Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Independent Laboratory Testing

Amber Preventative Sanitisation

  • Hospital grade disinfectant and chemicals which leave a microfilm on surfaces for up to 30 days post sanitisation
  • Increased Frequency Touch Points Sanitisation
  • Fogging with powerful disinfectant that will kill bacteria and viruses

Green Clean

  • Sanitisation
  • Contract Hygiene Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programme

What we Specialise in

BAMS Hygiene Management is committed to building a better future through development, Innovation & Sustainability. We achieve a 99.9% decontamination eliminating virus traces detected by appointed third party laboratories. BAMS Hygiene Management can provide a tailored solution specific to the client’s circumstances. We are experienced in: Risk Assessment, Site Establishment, Quality Control, Certification

BAMS specialises in sterilisation, decontamination, fogging, testing and certification. We extend our services to combat COVID-19 terminal decontamination, decarbonisation of medical equipment, infection control of all indoor and outdoor areas, correct classification and disposal of waste generated, restoration of trauma scenes to a safe and hygienic condition, chemical neutralization and detoxication/removing unwanted components or particles using chemical contaminants.

Additional Services

External Party Quality Swab Testing – Certified Microbiologist to undergo swab testing

Truck, Bus and Other Vehicle Sanitisation – Decontamination of vehicles

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