Insurance Works

This also includes Companies and Homes affected by Natural Disasters.

BAMS has already been on the ground getting ready to respond to customers needs affected by the Queensland floods and Christchurch earthquakes as of early March 2011.

Queensland was hit by one of the worst floods in its history. Three-quarters of the state of Queensland was declared a disaster zone. Many communities along the Fitzroy and Burnett Rivers were particularly hard hit, while an unexpected flash flood stormed through Toowoomba’s CBD before continuing onto communities within the Lockyer Valley region. This shocking flood was over a period of 3 weeks devastating many more suburbs and communities within Queensland.

BAMS will have project managers and tradespeople assisting in the recovery efforts helping to return people to their former position. BAMS have been involved as the principal builders on many previous incidents and crimescenes carrying out emergency repairs and rebuilds.

In the early hours of September 4th 2010, many residents within Christchurch were awoken by a huge 7.1m earthquake, which caused many buildings to collapse, as well as roads were cracked, and many power outages occurred throughout Christchurch and neighbouring areas. BAMS has now commenced with inspections and will be carrying out repairs for their international clients.Christchurch Earthquake