Parkway Tavern Works by BAMS

Parkway Tavern Works by BAMS

Here is our latest updates with our works at Parkway Tavern.

With our first image, here at BAMS, we have manufactured and installed a Feature wall panel at Parkway Tavern.

With the second image and the video, we have installed this custom ceiling for the Tavern. We are looking forward to sharing completed works of multipl bar spaces, booths and seated areas, wall features and ceiling features at Parkway Tavern.

In the third image, another bar space for the Tavern has been manufactured and installed by the team here at BAMS!

With the last two images, we are at the factory showing a work-in-progress shot of joinery works for Parkway Tavern in the BAMS factory. Manufacturing is moving full steam ahead to finish install within a few weeks.

Stay tuned here or on instagram for the latest updates and to see the finish product!