Professional Shopfitting Gives Your Business New Life!

Shopfitting is an odd term, and many people are unfamiliar with its meaning. It is a term that was originally coined in the engineering industry. It describes a space management solution that makes the most use of space available for storage of equipment and other items. This is a concept that has great value for the managers and owners of shops and stores. In this article, we will share some smart information about selecting and making the best use of a good a professional service to fit out your shop. Read on to learn more.

What About Do It Yourself Shopfitting?

Doing it yourself could end up costing you quite a bit of time and money and yielding amateurish results. A good, professional shopfitter begins by becoming familiar with the space. This involves measuring and analyzing your store space and preparing a workable design. Once this is done, a professional shopfitter submits a proposal of the plan and works closely with you to implement it.

Shopfitters are similar to interior designers in that they work with the space and the owner of the space to create a uniquely designed solution that takes a wide variety of considerations into account. While this is more expensive than simply purchasing ready made shelving and setting it up, it also creates a far more inviting shop and provides the best in efficient use of space.

While it is certainly possible to build your own shelving or seek out and order modular pieces for your store or other retail establishment and set them up on your own, you may find yourself running into unexpected complications and problems. Just as with any other project, if you are completely unfamiliar with the topic you may end up wasting a lot of time reinventing the wheel when you try to do it yourself. Consulting with a professional to fit out your shop can save you money and give you access to products and choices you might not otherwise have.

Is It Expensive To Hire A Professional Shopfitter?

Professional work can be quite affordable. Some professional shopfitters do make use of money saving modular storage solutions. This is smart because these types of units can be configured and re-configured to meet the growing and changing needs of your space. This means that as time passes, you will be consulting your shopfitter for minor adjustments rather than multiple complete makeovers. Modular shopfitting solutions are very popular in book and magazine shops and many other types of retail outlets.

In addition to modular wall mounted shelving, unusual and interesting modular solutions such as gondolas (freestanding shelving/storage) are available. These can be easily constructed and installed for temporary use and then just as easily broken down and stored when no longer needed.

The best of this type of shop storage and display units can be set up and broken down in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, some can be configured in a variety of ways for flexibility and variety in display.

These days, modular display and storage solutions come in all kinds of finishes from metal to plastic to wood. This array of choices allows you to select perfectly coordinated pieces that provide just the sort of ambiance you want in your establishment while providing the perfect backdrop for your merchandise.

The availability of good modular solutions for shelving, display and storage make it easy for a professional shopfitter to create a flexible, affordable long term plan for your business.

Choosing The Right Contractor To Meet Your Needs

Here are a few tips to help you make a good choice in a professional shopfitter:

1. Begin by conducting your own evaluation. Take some time to examine your space and think about how you want it to look. Consider these questions:

  • What areas need to be highlighted?
  • What products should be prominently displayed?
  • Can I re-purpose or re-use some of my existing fittings?
  • How much do I want to spend?

When you have a clear picture of your wants, needs and budget you will be better able to work productively with a contractor.
Finding just the right shopfitter to take on your project can be a challenge. One way of finding a good contractor is to have a look at shops that are similar to your own. If you see a setup you especially like, just ask who did it! You can also consult your local Chamber of Commerce and your business contacts. Performing an online search is also a good idea. When you have found some possibilities, ask them to provide you with addresses of work they have done. Seeing the completed work of a contractor is the best way to know whether or not he or she is a good match for you.

What Your Shopfitter Should Do For You

Be sure to reap all the benefits of hiring a professional to outfit your shop. You should not have to deal with the headaches of hiring workers, making arrangements with sign contractors and so on. Your professional shopfitter should act as your project manager and take care of all of these things for you.

Your project plan should include a fairly firm timeline. You need to be able to make your business plans around your project. Delays will cost you money, so make certain you have a good schedule established before signing up with any contractor.

Your project manager should stay in close communication with you throughout the project and keep you informed every step of the way. Good communication will eliminate (or at least minimize) potentially unpleasant surprises as well as inconvenience for your customers, your staff and yourself.

Your Shop Should Be Infused With New Life!

When you have your place of business professionally fitted out, it will be a more pleasant place for all concerned. You and your employees will be more comfortable, and your customers should feel welcomed and well-cared for. These factors combine to make your investment in professional shopfitting well worth it.