Tips for Stunning Shopfitting Ideas

Gone are the days when shopfitting is as easy as placing the store shelves in one corner of the room and displaying your stocks in there. New business owners might commit the mistake of underestimating the importance of properly fitting out their shop. Today, arranging the exterior and interior of a business with appropriate fittings, fixture, and equipment is more essential than how it used to be. An attractive installation of counters, shelves, and cabinets plays a vital role to increase store visits and sales.

This is why, retail businesses have tried to keep their stores have a fresh contemporary look with a smart impression. This includes restaurants, clothing shops, leisure centers, libraries, hotels, and even offices. They started to recognize how changing the layout and design of the store affects the whole customer experience in a significant way.

But, how can you make a stunning shopfitting to drive more customer traffic in the store? Here are the things you need to consider with some tips and examples to help you out.

What are the things to consider in shopfitting?

Before anything else, an initial planning is a must. Obviously, not everything you need will be installed at once. One of the first things you must consider is the logistics. While the flooring is being completed, the other items can still be on their way. This is to prevent delays in the project.

Apart from these, there are a lot more questions your initial plan must answer. Take for an example, does the building will do enough for a long time without upgrades? In case, there is hesitancy in answering this question. It might be easier to call on a trusted company who does shopfitting jobs. Will the fire exit be at this corner of the room or the other side? Are the upgrades for the electrical system in a few years’ time will affect the whole layout of the store? Have you considered having a disabled-friendly entryways? These questions can be addressed with ease when you have the experts at your side. Remember that doing things on your own might add to your expenses in the long run in case you made a wrong decision.

Some shopfitting tips to keep in mind.

Keep the window displays intriguing.
Shopfitting is all about the exterior and interior of the store. Hence, focusing on the window display is important. Your goal is to catch the attention of the people passing by. Remember that a glance can be less than three seconds. In that short span of time, you must make the passerby compelled to get inside your store.

Make sure there is enough space for roaming around.
Shopfitting is not merely all about designing but providing convenience. There is nothing more disengaging than a crowded store and an inconvenient walk-through. Imagine all the potential customers you were supposed to have but they find your store unwelcoming because of an unfavorable floor plan.

Match the colours with your brand.
Are you promoting a vintage feel to your products? If this is so, using a set of bright contemporary colours may bring confusion. Being creative with colours doesn’t mean to use all eye-catching tones and shades. Brighten up the store with the right warm and welcoming color. It must enhance your displays to bring attention from customers.

Sort according to a specific category.
Since, we want to provide a favorable layout and design for the customers. Arranging the merchandise to a specific category (like colours and sizes) can help them easily find what they’re looking for.

Don’t compromise the functionality aspect.
The appearance may say it all, but how these storage spaces function will decide whether the shopfitting served its purpose or not. Consider the staffs and customers who will be using the shelves, cabinets, and counters. Will they cater to their needs or provide hassle?

Stick to the budget.
These days, you can achieve a shopfitting design idea without splurging too much. Consult your friendly specialist on which materials can make you stick to your budget while improving the overall look of the store. Some stores reused materials from their storage room such as paper bags and old tires.

Be practical in choosing materials.
You can value functionality without compromising the aesthetic side of things. If you want simplicity, this can be a great choice for you. Take for an example, some stores use plywoods for flexibility.

Don’t forget the lighting.
No matter how brilliant the layout design can be, without proper lighting to emphasize the display, it’s not likely to be appreciated. Ensure that you also improve on the brightness appeal of the lighting aspect as it can produce the feel that you want to achieve.

Make use of reclaimed objects.
If you want to sway from normal displays and fittings, this one is the answer, especially if your merchandise are new objects. Worn out doors can go in contrast for colorful, bright clothes. Besides, this is going to cut your costs than buying new racks, shop counters, and display cabinets.

Scour all available resources for ideas.
It is important to have a peg prior to asking for help. If you don’t have an idea on what you want your store fittings to look like, or at least what type of impressions should it give, then the project might stall for some time as decision-making will entirely depend on you.

Follow the regulations.
Avoid getting into trouble regarding government regulation compliance. Remember that the safety and security of the store staffs and customer is the priority. Emergency exit, smoke detector, and sprinkler systems must be shown in the layout plan. Now, as a business owner, these things can distract you from focusing on your business. So, the next tip is for you:

Ask the specialists.
This is their job after all. Before deciding on whom you are going to trust for this shopfitting job, make sure you have asked more than two companies. This is so you can have a comparison of their offers to you. Discuss things with them and decide which one you’re comfortable to work with.