Top Tips for Shopfitting Success

Shop fitting is no longer just for shops. It now encompasses hotels, museums, retail, supermarkets and much more. Regardless of whether you have opened many locations needing shop fitting or it is your first time, it is likely you find it an exhausting experience. Here we will look at top tips to get the most out of your shop fitting.

In many situations the factors to consider are colour, shelving, branding, customer movement, signage and lighting, among many other possible considerations. One of the main considerations is having it all work together to attract more customers into your store. Once they are in your store, is everything optimized in a way that gives the customer the best experience.

Shop Fitting Top Tips

Attracting Customers Into Your Place Of Business: In an ideal situation your place will have convenient parking for your customers. If you have this available, make certain that all entrances and parking areas are clearly marked and do not leave the customer guessing about it. Sliding doors that work automatically are recommended as they are convenient for elderly, those in wheel chairs and parents with infants.

Attractive signs will go a long ways to attracting customers into your store or business. Eye catching colours, logos, and other types of branding are all necessary components to having the right signage that will bring your customers in anxious to see what you offer.

Layout of Store:  Once you have them in your store, you will want to have it laid out in a way that is appealing and leads naturally from one item to the next. You do not want the inside to be disorganized or have it so that no one can understand where anything is. Nothing kills a business faster than that.

Customers are busy and if their attention is not captured quickly, they will go elsewhere. The design should help them to understand where items are and allow them to find them quickly without much hassle. But the design should be much more than that.

To have a design that is convenient for the customer and good for business, it not only needs to be laid out so customers can find what they are looking for quickly, but also so that they find other items they really didn’t come in to buy, but realize they need once they see them. This type of layout will improve customer satisfaction while increasing sales.

Interior Comfort is as important as anything. If a customer comes in from outside and the temperature is comfortable then they are likely to shop longer which gives more opportunities for them to find additional items for purchase. Having proper heating and air conditioning is very important. If you have items that need refrigeration, then this equipment will also be an important part of the shop fitting.

Anyone who is inexperienced may easily overlook the importance of lighting. It helps create the right atmosphere as well as helps items look their best. LED lighting is very bright and often the best choice as it lowers power bills and makes the store look more appealing. In addition, this type of lighting will last longer than other types which further saves you money.

Top 5 Must Do’s When Starting With A Shop Fitter

  1. Draw out a specific plan and go over it with your shop fitter. Do not leave anything up in the air. It is important to take the necessary time to make a complete plan for start to finish and get the shop fitter on the same page. If not what will happen is you will end up changing something that has already been done a different way which will cost in time and labour cost.
    Don’t get in the position where you feel you need to make due with something that is not right. Your business will likely be there a long time and something not done well could cost your business day after day until it is properly remedied. For this reason you need to get it done right from the beginning.
  1. Make A Budget that gives the shop fitter enough to give you the results you are looking for, but manage the cost so that it does not overly exceed the limits you have put in place. If you make no budget from the beginning you will almost certainly go way over your expectations. But if you show your shop fitter the budget you have planned, they can focus on keeping as close to that as possible.
    Part of budgeting should be to set aside additional funding for unexpected cost. You might consider putting 15% or 20% extra and not mentioning it to the shop fitter. Then as expenses come up you have already put away funds for it. But still you should continue to stress the importance of keeping to the budget
  1. Have a deadline for work completion. You do not want the shop fitter thinking they can choose when to finish. From the beginning set a finish date and try to keep them on track to meet it. It can be costly to have them go over the time frame, so be insistent on their finishing the work in a timely manner.
  1. When possible, you should try to involve your customers and encourage their input. Look for ways to have your customers tell you what they want and expect. You can hold a contest or free giveaway drawing for those who participate in submitting their comments and opinions. This will build buzz and help you design a shopping experience that is perfectly suited to your customer’s desires.
  2. Check out the competition. You do not want to copy their design, but instead incorporate the best of theirs into your unique ideas. This will give your customers a sense of familiarity while also giving them your unique appeal. It is always a great idea to build upon things that are already working.

Following these top tips for shop fitting success will help you to get just what you are hoping for.