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Why BAMS Commercial Fit-out Is The Best Choice For Your Business?

No business owner wants a cheap-looking office interior. He knows how the overall aesthetic affects the productivity and creativity of his people. It is one of the factors that make a company keep its most talented people. This is why choosing the right partner for an office fit out is important. Not only efforts will be wasted if it doesn’t turn out to serve the needs of the organisation, but time and money as well.

Let us discuss what makes a company the best commercial fit out a partner for your business. If we’re going to list down the essentials, the bottom line will be all about reputation. How do the people in the industry see them? Do their competitors look at them as a company without ethics? Do their clients see them as a reliable firm? Will the other companies be willing to start an alliance with them? If all the answers for these questions are negative, you might need to think twice about the company.

Now, let’s try to break down into chunks what builds up their reputation. Here are some of the questions that somehow answers the customer’s questions whether the fit out company has a good reputation or not:

  • Have they gotten themselves a good portfolio of clients?
  • Did they leave the clients satisfied and wanting to work with them again? Or did they leave a bad impression of delaying the things?
  • Have they handled projects with the same sector as mine?
  • Do they keep a consistent track record of success in the industry?
  • How long have they existed in the business?
  • Are the years they’ve been on business made them an expert?
  • Are they willing to arrange visits so you can see some of their previous projects?
  • Is this company a member of a nationally recognized association?
  • What is the basis of their guaranteed work?
  • Do they pull off surprise budget requests?
  • Can they negotiate for the materials needed on your behalf?
  • Will hiring them be time-efficient and cost-effective?
  • Can they work with you professionally?
  • Do they have issues and concerns about health and safety?
  • Can they show credentials to you?
  • Do they value your time and money? Or will they take advantage of offering a low price because you might be charged for an additional service soon?

Now, let us find out whether BAMS can address the common concerns of a client about selecting a partner for  a fit out project.

We have 25 years of experience.

We are awarded as one of the few commercial fit out specialists licensed to operate in all states of Australia and all throughout New Zealand. All these 25 years, we have been continuously working with different sectors such as corporate offices, retail, hospitality, education, and tourism. With our dedication, we are now expanding the team. This enabled us to accept and take on even larger projects. Aside from this record, BAMS has consistently worked to assist in times of calamity – storms, fires, and floods. Your unexpected needs can be expectedly met with us.

We deliver within the specified time-frame.

Our track record of satisfied clients is our proof that we don’t delay things in the projects we handle. We deliver right on the time assigned. We believe that once we put off an activity for one day, it can have a domino effect on our client’s business.

We make everything all the more convenient for you.

We know how important time and effort are in the business world. This is why we are asking our clients to trust us in handling the whole process of fit out. You can rest assured to have everything you need at hand at the right time and at the right place with the right people. There is no need to coordinate with different people, BAMS can do it for you. We prevent our customers to be bothered by this time-consuming process so they can focus more on their business. Deal with only one company and we can produce fit out and construction solutions all the more convenient for you.

We work with clients professionally and honestly.

Both companies must have a two-way communication in this process. Meaning, it is our practice to work closely with our clients. We develop the design in a strategic and collaborative way. This way, we can produce a practical and appealing office fit out for your business. We ensure that each project will achieve optimal results.

We provide quality workmanship.

Although, we don’t give our clients unexpected delays in the projects; we make sure that their experience with us will be taken beyond their expectation. All of our years’ expertise and experience have made us hone our workmanship. This is how we manage all our clients needs from the beginning of the concept until we get to the point of completion.

We can be flexible to your needs.

Do we need to devise customised solutions to meet your requirement? No problem. We can transform and improve the overall look of a building – no matter what it demands us to do. It may be a component restoration, customised refurbishment, or a full modernisation.

We are a member of various organizations.

And not just any organisation but ones that are nationally acknowledged and recognised. This helps us give an assurance to our customers that we uphold our practice in giving the highest standards to them.

  • The Master Builders Association. All the members do only fair and honest dealings while promoting a high standard of workmanship in the industry.
  • Housing Industry Association (HIA). A national association for building professionals where each of us follow the highest levels of professionalism across Australia.
  • Australian Shop and Office Fitting Industry Association (ASOFIA). Each industry professional design and build office interiors across Australia and New Zealand from a range of different sizes and purposes.
  • Leading contractor OHS/WHS prequalification system. They addresses the necessity for both contractors and organisations to exhibit health and safety management capabilities with an offer to give assistance to the organisation they work with, in terms of better managing their contractors for safety requirements.
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